Reiki Healing

While science and medicine have come a long way, they are fairly intrusive practices that oftentimes cause unwanted side-effects. Traditional methods such as Reiki, have given us tools to cope with different ailments, be it physical or mental. Reiki healing allows us to tap into the unlimited universal energy and to attune to the right frequency that aids the healing process.

Reiki involves many different techniques that allow us to cleanse our aura of all the negative energy around us. There are several methods such as raking and beaming that are used to achieve this goal. This is not only helpful with injuries, health issues and mental illnesses, they also relax your mind and make you feel more positive and energetic.

Aids Rejuvenation

Reiki can be used along with other medication and treatment to ease the effects of these other processes.

Wholesome Healing

This method targets the root of all discomfort and hence works as a blanket solution for several problems.

Usai Reiki

Usui Reiki Ryoho strives to faithfully represent the teachings of Usui Mikao throughout his life.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki incorporates numerous meditations involving Ascendant Masters, angels, and Archangels.